• NLN Comprehensive PN exam score administered within the last two years.
  • Attendance at an information session.
  • Completed application and submission of application fee.
  • Completion of two professional references. Individuals serving as references must have known the candidate for a minimum of one year and may not be a relative of the applicant.
  • Official High School transcripts or G.E.D. test scores.
  • Official college transcripts for all general education courses.
  • Official transcripts for the practical nursing program attended.
  • Current LPN license in the State of Florida.

The following are not required for application, but must be completed or show evidence indicating completion upon admission to the program:

  • Completion of the physical examination form supplied by the college and conducted by a licensed physician or nurse practitioner.
  • Negative Tuberculin skin test or negative Chest X-Ray, positive Rubella titer, positive Varicella titer, and positive Rubeola titer.
  • Background check.
  • Alcohol\Drug screen showing no illegal drugs or alcohol intake.
  • Evidence of Hepatitis B Vaccine Series completion or declination form completed.
  • Evidence of Flu Vaccine completion or declination form completed.

Health Care Provider CPR completed by the first day of class and remain in effect until graduation.